Development trend of the domestic LED industry

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1. The market has entered a relatively stable period, and enterprises are actively expanding the market layout
1) LED display listed companies are actively expanding in their main businesses, and invariably adopt aggressive competitive strategies. Taking the listing as a favorable opportunity, they are holding up two great tools for market development and increasing R & D investment to expand their layout.
2) The brand awareness of key enterprises is also continuously strengthened.
3) Increase investment in research and development and new product development, optimize company management and production process management, control production costs, strengthen corporate culture and human resource management, build core competitiveness, shape excellent brands, and enhance competitive advantages.
4) Listed companies use the funds raised from the listing to actively expand production sites, purchase advanced equipment, improve production processes, improve product quality, and frequent brand promotion activities such as new product launches and marketing conferences.
5) With the gradual release of listed companies' investment and investment capacity, a new round of competition will emerge in the industry.
2. Development Trend
1) Large-scale backbone enterprises have developed steadily, increased scale, and become the main force of the industry.
2) In 2012, the overall technological innovation direction of the industry focused on large-screen control, high-density display new product development, special project engineering design for special projects, LED display application expansion products, product reliability, and energy saving.
3) The high-density display with small dot pitch is rapidly increasing in the indoor and outdoor application market and will become a new market growth point.
4) The technical cooperation and interaction between upstream and downstream is closer, specialization, division of labor, integrated production of industrial chain, technology development, service and other links. New challenges have been raised for LED device and display manufacturers in terms of production equipment, technology and other aspects.
5) Specialized division of labor and coordinated advancement of multiple industries. Collaborative innovation development, transformation of business models, differentiated products, focus on market segments, and formation of core competitiveness.
3. Development Prospects
1) Full color, high-definition display, intelligent, networked.
2) Standardization of basic technology, diversified application requirements, and personalized product design.
3) Indoor display: full color, high density, replacing traditional display products.
4) Outdoor display: large area, engineering phone design, heterosexual products.
5) System engineering, multi-technology, multi-system integration, professional collaboration and division of labor.
6) Professional applications, industry-required services and technical guarantees.

2023-09-13 21:02