Auto-Lock system

LDU series uses the Auto-Lock system for fast and easy installation with safety. And the Auto-Eject system enables fast, easy and convenient disconnection of panels. Depending on this system, a single person can complete the assembly and separation of two cabinet with a single hand

Modular Design, Flexible Maintenance

Modular design, convenient removal of power boxes for replacement, making maintenance more flexible and convenient. The testing indicator lights on the back of the power box allow you to easily perform tests, ensuring stable operation of the screen!

Sunken cabinet - Provide more complete protection

The LDU series uses a sunken cabinet to reduce the thickness of the cabinet and better protect the panel. At the same time, the surface of the panel adopts a better black glue, which reduces the surface reflective rate and can achieve IP65

500mm*500m*76.5mm           IP65                      Front access                Modularized          High refresh rate

             HD                     Radian stitching         High brightness           Thin and light           Easy installation

Special cabinet design

JoinLED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you. The tech support covers installation, configuring, and anything about LED displays, please check our contact us page.

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