Dazzling, the stage is always shining

The high-light, high-brush and high-contrast display performance can significantly enhance the eye-catching effect of the stage, making the live audience memorable.

Thin and stylish

Arbitrary splicing, HD display seamless splicing

Various sizes available

High Accuracy Test Gauges in various sizes combined with a solid front safety feature, provide operators with the best value on he market

Quick splicing function

Let you no longer worry about installation problems

960mm*480mm*44mm             IP65                     Front access         Hardware connection    High refresh rate

             HD                     Radian stitching         High brightness           Thin and light          Easy installation

Special cabinet design

JoinLED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you. The tech support covers installation, configuring, and anything about LED displays, please check our contact us page.

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